Rekt Town, 12/05/2021

This is the story of DOGGGO, an ugly, poor and mongrel dog forgotten by the crypto community. DOGGGO has always tried to be recognized by his friends (SHIB, DOGE and AKITA), but since he is not a purebred dog, they never wanted to accept him. DOGGGO has always been different from them. He started from the street, where he belongs. He used to eat what he found around and slept wherever he found a place.

DOGGGO never forgets his origins, he knows what it means to be poor. His mission is to help his friends come out of this condition.


Dogggo’s Bedroom, 14/05/2021

DOGGGO has become a little more popular and is very happy. Some people have discovered him and find him cute. There is only a problem. People are afraid to buy his token because the website looks scammy. DOGGGO knows this and at night he studied some HTML and found some business angels who helped him update the site and domain.

Now everything is safe with an SSL-protected website.


At McDonalds, 20/05/2021

DOGGGO's popularity is growing, but the market is not helping him. Everything has collapsed and DOGGGO doesn't have enough money to pay project expenses. During the day he got a job at McDonalds, but even after working 20 hours a day he only gets money to survive.

DOGGGO is very sad, he often dreams of being shilled by WSB and being friends with all degens/apes in the crypto market.

One night he had an idea: why not ask the community for a contribution to reach the moooon? So he created the DOGGGO Moon Wallet to fund for the important and expensive advertising campaigns.

If you love DOGGGO help him with a small contribution. Together we can help him realize his dream!

DOGGGO Moon Wallet address:


**Attention! Only accepts BEP-20 tokens, such as BNB, BUSD, DOGGGO!**


Somewhere, 31/07/2021

The crypto market dumped a few weeks ago, and DOGGGO became poor once again :(

But during this time, DOGGGO has been thinking about how to relaunch his image for the upcoming bullrun. Why not make a new token's contract, a new website and an incredible dapp for farming and staking? DOGGGO reached out to some friends to help him build it, and after a few weeks the dream became a reality.

He was very very happy and as soon as he completed the work, he launched it (not much testing on the code). Result? Contract autorugpull (the first in the crypto world).

It was not good and DOGGGO lost 24 BNB, forever locked in that fucking contract. The next day he fixed it and asked for money from the mafia to launch it again. We hope DOGGGO can return them that money or they will kill him :(

In any case, the new DOGGGO contract is up and fully working... Hopefully this doesn't rugpull again.


At Deliveroo, 03/09/2021

DOGGGO is a bit stressed because his developers team only play videogames all day while eating potato chips. The big investors have noticed this and have market-sold every last token. DOGGGO is poor again and has to find a job to pay for kibble and web hosting services.

Between delivering pizza and noodles, he has decided to give a serious woof to his team and thinks about how to get out of this situation.

But by now only a few of his most loyal hodlers continue to believe in him and share his Meme and GIFs on Telegram and Twitter. Maybe someone will notice them. :(


Over the clouds, 03/11/2021

A spanish crypto guy, accidentally typing doggo with ggg, joined the DOGGGO Official Telegram group, fell in love with him and told his friends about it. The woof woof began to spread, kicking off a rally that took DOGGGO into the stratosphere and beyooond! :))

Everyone loves DOGGGO, wants to collaborate with him and buy his token, especially at the ATH. Even his father, who has always ignored him, kisses his ass like a purebred dog!

DOGGGO is really happy, the crypto community no longer laughs at him, they say he's cute and clever. "Wooof!!" he thinks :)


At Juvenile Court, 23/02/2022

During his world tour, DOGGGO indulged in a bit too much flirting, which resulted in 1000 puppies in need of love.

It was not long before the pack of sons started looking for him to claim maintenance. Pedigrees left no doubt as to DOGGGO's paternity and a judge ruled that he must adopt them all.

DOGGGO is very sad, he knows that they will drain the DOGGGO/BNB pool on Pancake! But, after taking some benzodiazepines, he has an idea: why not tokenize those goddamn sons of bitches to recover some liquidity?

And that's how the F*cking Ugly Dogggos were born, a collection of 1000 very ugly NFTs, also called F.U.D. Collection!


At Job Center, 12/05/2022

DOGGGO was happy, it was his first birthday, everything was ready for the party and a drunk woman was singing happy birthday to him :))

But in the meantime, the crypto market was collapsing regardless and one of DOGGGO's most loyal whales, of which we have a stock image, suddenly dumped 3% of the DOGGGO total supply.

DOGGGO is very very sad, he blows out his candle and goes to the employment office again, alone and forgotten by most of his rekted supporters. :((

But his old street friends have always loved him, he knows he can count on them anyway. Maybe he will come up with something..